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360 is one of China's renowned Internet security enterprises and it was the first enterprise to launch a robot that can interact with kids. Due to office employees’ long work hours and lack of spending time with their children, these children needed their parents’ companionship more than ever. 360 child-robot is an intelligent device designed to solve such parent-child issue.

360 chose JusTalk Cloud to help it achieve smart video call with robots: parents may communicate with their kids remotely through one-to-one video call, record valuable moments of their children's growing up with video recording function; and remotely check on their homes through video surveillance.

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360 Badilong Watch for kids

360 Badilong watch for kids is another masterpiece that combines call function, alarm function and health management together. 360 launched following the "Child Guard" series. From special “phone use” to safety, it’s a lot more than a smart watch.

With JusTalk Cloud SDK, parents and their children may make video calls anytime, anywhere with a tiny watch, which is both fun and intimate; parents may even select the monitoring function in the application to automatically call their kids with cell phones and the watches will automatically pick up without ringing, just so that you can take part in every moment of your kids' life.



Qfudao (全辅导) is a mobile classroom application for K12 education market that has been launched for one month and used by millions of users without any promotion. Internet with education combined together let many enterprises to see a massive market opportunity, and using mobile devices for education purpose has significantly increase. JusTalk Cloud provides full interactive teaching and guides people to join online classes at the same time. During classes, teachers can share PPT files, use interactive teaching materials and students can participate in live chat and raise their hands to speak. Real-time interactive classes have greatly enhanced recent years and made “online classrooms”closer to the “real classrooms”.

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Spring Rain Doctor


Spring Rain Doctor (春雨医生) is currently one of the mobile medical help apps in China Market. Everyday, people use this app to solve health problems through their mobile devices. Doctors can open their own personal clinic network on this platform. It allows doctors to build their personal brand and improve their academic level. Patients will be able to greatly reduce their consultation and treatment cost in order to get faster response. With the help of audio and video functions of JusTalk Cloud, doctors and their patients can have a real-time video conversation, doctors can also enlarge the screen shot during the conversation in order to observe details on disease symptoms, so that to find accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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Fun Dubbing


Fun Dubbing (英语趣配音) is one of the App Store's top ten educational apps for the Chinese region. It integrates basic English teaching with fun English animation dubbing. This entertaining app has done a great deal to inspire an interest in English among Chinese students. JusTalk Cloud provides English one-to-one video counseling for Fun Dubbing. Teachers can be able to talk with students to solve problems through this feature. Drawing function makes the teaching more fun and easier. With video support, students can review the class any time for more efficient learning.

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Ping An Good Doctor


Ping An Good Doctor (平安好医生) provides online health consultation and inquiry service for users and also starts an upsurge of the national fitness campaign. With one-to-one audio and video function of JusTalk Cloud, users can communicate with doctors anytime they want to talk about symptoms and illness. Doctors can provide real-time communication to give health care, medical guide, rehabilitation instructions etc. Real time communication let Ping An Good Doctor to give pre-treatment through this app. It is an after-consultation “Mobile doctor”.

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借助 JusTalk Cloud 音视频互动SDK实现视频社交

JusTalk is a free video call application developed on the basis of JusTalk Cloud. The app had the honor for making the list of official recommendations on Google Play Homepage many times and the app has overtaken software such as WeChat on the communication app ranking table of Google Play in the U.S. area. With the help from JusTalk Cloud, JusTalk has been able to achieve functions including one-to-one video call, audio conference, video doodle, video recording and so forth. It even offers smart night vision features to ensure that users may enjoy clear video calls in dimly light.

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