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Full support you still insist on the dream of you

JusTalk Cloud is working with mobile medical equipment

Juphoon Cloud help video interview APP, mobile medical market into a new darling

“In June 2016, a heavy message inspired numerous medical APP "little partners" heart: safe doctor officially announced the acquisition of $ 500 million A round of financing, but this is a good doctor from the safe launch of the market, but only one year. $ 500 million
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Web video chat APP Juphoon

Ningbo, a small business development of network video chat software in North America to defeat the "WeChat"

“Juphoon company developed free online video chat software "JusTalk", ranked in the North American Lectra micro letter. At present, Juphoon to seize the Internet communications market outlet, and video technology has been widely used in online education, wisdom, medical and social communications and other fields.
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Juphoon Cloud participates in 2016 China International Wisdom Education Exhibition

Juphoon Cloud debuts 2016 China Guangzhou International Education Exhibition to talk about wisdom education

Juphoon Cloud Participated in the 2016 International Education and Online Education Exhibition, and shared the leading mobile audio and video communications technology and online educational solutions.
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Juphoon Cloud has been focusing on providing high-quality video technology for more than a decade

Juphoon Cloud international technology pioneering road From Ningbo to China

Eleven years as one day, Juphoon adhere to the road of technological innovation. Juphoon Cloud is committed to building efficient voice and video calling platforms to provide customers with high-quality remote communication services. Juphoon Cloud will also continue to provide customers with convenient and efficient cloud services in accordance with their customers' needs.
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Ningbo Juphoon co-president Lu Rui offers advice and suggestions for the construction of innovative cities


Juphoon company president Lu Rui offers advices and suggestions for the development of innovative technology in Ningbo to build a sound cloud service ecosystem. Chrysanthemum has been committed to video communications and network communications technology research and development, the company's Juphoon Cloud has grown into the world's leading mobile audio and video communications cloud platform.
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JusTalk Cloud helps online education platform and popularize online education

Two hot spots "Internet + education": Juphoon Cloud help the development of national education

“Cloud helps national education development. Leveraging the "Internet + education" has become a hot topic between the two sessions and the government work, online education platform showing rising trend. Over the past year, Juphoon Cloud focused on "Internet + Education", the use of cloud video technology to popularize video education, and help national education development.
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Juphoon use of video technology, grip the Internet outlet

Catch the "outlet" take advantage of running fast

Since its establishment in 2005, Jade Wind developed nearly ten independent invention patents, and video technology is widely used in online education, mobile medical and other fields. Juphoon for the "spring doctor" "reading Lang" and other brands to provide technical support, and Jungle's network video chat software "JusTalk" also completed in six months the number of users hundreds of times the growth.
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Juxian Vice President Qian Xiaoyao was invited to participate in the special program of the two sessions

2016 National two sessions when Jufeng Qian Xiao Jiong invited CCTV

Juphoon company vice president Qian Xiaojiong invited to participate in the two special programs, combined with their own business experience, to discuss the promotion of corporate and product brand image and other topics. Juphoon is one of the 11 years of Internet communications companies, and China Mobile, China Unicom, Microsoft and many other world-renowned company's experience in cooperation, has grown into a good high-tech enterprises.
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JustTalk Cloud build real-time frequency communication platform for MoMo

MoMo Juphoon Cloud video intercom

Juphoon Cloud hand MoMo, for the MoMo video intercom social APP- "meteor" to provide clear, smooth, low power consumption of real-time video communication, and fully improve the user experience. "Meteor" APP users spoke highly of their good video communications experience, clear and smooth communication effects even in the dark weather can remain unaffected.
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Juphoon became the home page of the successful registration of

Enabled the first ".cloud" domain name, Juphoon set off cloud top domain name boom

Juphoon became the first successful registration. "Cloud" top-level domain name cloud computing business. With the development of Internet technology, "cloud" cloud domain name value has become increasingly prominent. Juphoon successfully meet the threshold of cloud computing, and ultimately access to the Internet name and number distribution organization (ICANN) domain name recognition by virtue of their own funds, technical strength.
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Juphoon Cloud To achieve high-definition cloud conference function

Juphoon Cloud:The original cloud meeting can also be so "live”

Juphoon Cloud's patented media and network processing technology effectively reduces network packet loss to video quality damage, maintaining high-definition quality and voice, providing customers with high-quality, low-volume video conferencing services. At the same time, cloud meetings can also use a variety of presentation methods, such as electronic whiteboard, file sharing, graffiti, etc., to maximize the data cloud synchronization. Encryption technology also allows customers to business communications security and other strong protection.
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Juphoon Cloud provide video communication SDK' for the MoMo

JusTalk Cloud communication cloud: help strangers open acquaintance social model

Juphoon Cloud And MoMo company reached a cooperation for the MoMo "Meteor" APP to provide video call SDK and high-quality voice and video call service.
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Juphoon Cloud For

Juphoon Cloud Communication cloud: open the universal mobile classroom era

Online education APP "foreigners chat" through foreign teachers online one-to-one audio and video counseling for Chinese students and the use of English countries and regions of foreigners to provide a platform for communication. The application has two months to have millions of users. And provide them with audio and video communications service is Ningbo Juphoon System Software Co., Ltd., the company's video social software JusTalk is also committed to providing customers with complete cloud communications services.
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Juphoon Cloud communication extends to mobile medical field

Mobile medical APP market continues to heat up, to seize the blue sea cloud communication first

Juphoon Cloud Cloud provides high-quality cloud communications capabilities that extend the reach of mobile healthcare APPs, covering all areas of healthcare. It is simple development steps and personalized custom services, but also save operating costs.
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Juphoon Cloud Can be applied to all kinds of online education scene

Juphoon Cloud:Integrate cloud communication with online education

Introduction: Juphoon Cloud provides high-definition live video and one-to-many video classroom services for online education. In addition, designed for online education designed to share the screen and courseware, whiteboard board, screen graffiti and other functions is closely fit the traditional classroom, enhance teacher and student interaction. Juphoon Cloud will also strive to develop more online educational aids to drive the development of the online education industry from a technical level
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Online education in 2016 the next turnaround

Online education with cloud communications will usher in 2016 burst point

Juphoon Cloud focuses on the development of online education technology, through interactive teaching experience and diversified real-time communication to reduce the rate of retreat, for the Internet + education to provide more development possible. Juphoon Cloud audio and video communication SDK access is simple and convenient, stable and high connection rate.
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Juxian communication cloud platform to build enterprise mobile VoIP call center

In view of the unstable call quality of mobile VoIP, Juphoon uses the unique JusQoS system, and combines advanced technologies such as bandwidth adaptive and anti-packet loss to improve the flexibility of communication and network adaptability, and solve the video call The process of noise, delay, disconnection and other issues, and always adhere to the user's efficient calls escort.
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JusTalk Cloud audio and video communication cloud: online education how to break the death of the curse?

At present online education there is a short board of teaching mode, the lack of real-time interaction. And audio and video quality is also an unstable online educational institutions, another problem. With JusTalk Cloud's advanced video communication technology, in the interactive live classroom to join the courseware sharing, graffiti, whiteboard and other functions, to achieve real-time interaction to meet the individual needs of teaching. JusTalk Cloud cloud communication using high-definition audio and video compression algorithm to protect the quality of audio and video at the same time, for users to save traffic.
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