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Video dating

In recent years, live hot software highlights the social form from asynchronous to synchronous evolution, the demand for video to an outbreak of the outlet. With the JusTalk Cloud video communication SDK, whether it is real-time one-on-one video video dating, or one-to-many live socialization, can be high-definition, real-time, interactive way strong presentation.

Integrated one-to-one or one-to-many video SDK to easily achieve video dating

Couple video call

JusTalk Cloud provides private voice and video calls for all types of couples exclusive applications, creating exclusive memory among couples. Exclusive night vision function, intelligent adjustment of brightness, even in the dim light can also have a clear video effects; support all kinds of mobile terminals, no matter where they can communicate with each other close.

Couples one-on-one intimate video call

Video parent-child interaction

JusTalk Cloud's video communication SDK can accommodate a variety of network environments and save traffic in the same level of clarity, and will not let you miss every minute shared with family and friends. JusTalk Cloud supports text, voice, pictures and more Message type, sharing more diverse; support video graffiti function, parent-child interaction more interesting; video magnifier function, so real-time sharing real to drip.

Video graffiti or real-time video easy to achieve video parent-child interaction
Cross-country free roaming phone can be achieved online video audio translation assistant function

Cross - free free roaming phone

JusTalk Cloud Virtual Communications Network Global hundreds of node architecture deployment, to ensure that users no matter where they can have a carrier-level high-definition audio and video phone experience. The JusTalk Cloud video communication SDK integrated into the APP, your APP can play a variety of possible: translation assistant, online call translation for real-time calls, foreign language can also worry-free abroad; with the home video call, video any zoom, Sofa friends easy to get housing; and ALICE to open a video conference, group travel more efficient and feasible; study abroad, easy with foreign school staff video calls, communication more clearly.

Video party

With the JusTalk Cloud video communication SDK, your APP can easily achieve multi-person voice or video chat. Whether it is friends Tucao, family congress, girlfriend gossip or student colleagues exchange, just multi-person audio and video call function integrated into your APP, you can easily close the small partners together.

Integrated video conferencing SDK for video parties