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Full support you still insist on the dream of you

Juphoon Cloud, the industry's leading provider of audio and video communications services, is designed to provide customers with the highest quality video communications service with the shortest access time and the most personalized customization service. From telecom operators to small and medium enterprises, institutions, we are getting more and more industry elite's favor; from mobile medical, online education to social communication, we take the initiative to explore the emerging industry more likely. If you are like us, is this piece of industry in the transformation of the blue ocean in one's own to achieve their own predictions, Juphoon Cloud team look forward to your joining, sincerity with you hand in hand.

Recruitment: Sales
Responsibility: Mainly responsible for Juphoon Cloud cloud communication service marketing and daily customer communication follow up
Requirement: Active thinking, articulate, good communication, patience and a certain degree of compression ability, good at discovering new opportunities and dare to dare to do
Resume to Email:zhaohui.wang@juphoon.com.cn
Email Title:Name+post+Phone Number+Hobby