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Voice calls

Internet-based voice communication

It supports peer-to-peer VoIP calls. Dynamic network monitoring enables real-time and automatic switch to the optimal network that guarantees high-quality network communication. Servers deployed in over 120 countries deliver crystal-clear and smoothly-streaming internet call services to every corner of the world. Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC) adds more clarity to calls.

Video calls

720P high-definition video calls & proprietary smart night-vision

It is compatible with multiple platforms and supports 720P high-definition videos. Proprietary technologies ensure high-quality and low-traffic videos, while the adaptive network technology automatically adjusts video quality and fluidity to reduce freezes. The proprietary smart night-vision technology improves video sharpness under dim light. This delivers true and genuine high-definition experience.

Instant Message

APP instant messaging capabilities

It supports various types of messages, including text, audio, image and doodle, in formats such as whiteboard, location, file and shared screen. All this comes in either one-to-one chat or group chat session.

Interactive live broadcasting

The solution supports up to 100 million of concurrent online users

The traditional live broadcasting architecture, combined with conference push-streaming servers, can accommodate more concurrent online viewers and ensure fast and stable content transfer. It supports recording and VOD and delivers enhanced security through an encryption protocol. In addition to serving 100 million users concurrently, the solution takes a step further by adding the multi-channel voice/video IM inbound interaction capability to meet the needs from user bases of different sizes. It can quickly generate links for sharing on WeChat with just one click. Joining a live broadcast has never been so easy.

Voice and video conference

Highly efficient corporate office assistant

Attendees can join a conference from various terminals either in administrator control or multi-party video mode. This gives users the flexibility to manage the conference, diversify presentation methods, and customize viewport layout, making conferences more professional. The platform automatically chooses the optimal parameters for different devices to improve audio/video quality and deliver the ultimate conferencing experience.

Excellence comes from expertise

JusTalk Cloud 有效节省耗电量多达30%。

Low power consumption

The universal OS adapter integrates a network transmission interface optimized for power saving. The platform also provides interfaces that can suspend tasks and schedule power-consuming tasks. The smart power-saving design gives more flexibility to your video experience.


Stronger packet loss resistance

The solution also incorporates RPSI, a reliable reference frame technology that is used for video codec and data transfer besides FIR, FEC and NACK, to greatly reduce the impact of network packet loss on video quality. Even at a high rate of network packet loss, the system still provides crystal-clear and smooth calls.


Smart brightness enhancement at night

The solution includes smart exposure, image enhancement and other advanced video capture enhancement technologies. Through intelligent brightness and contrast adjustment in analog or digital mode, the solution significantly improves the video quality under dim light with sharper and brighter images.


Save data traffic

Proprietary video bandwidth-saving technology reduces traffic in a common video call by up to 90%.