Call service

Video calls already include voice, non-recurring charges;

Talk time per hour, the cost of each hour to settle, and in the account deduct the corresponding costs
Type One-to-one voice One-to-one video
Price 0.0039 RMB/Minute 0.039 RMB/Minute

Conference Service

Voice conference includes data conferencing (graffiti, file sharing, IM), non-recurring charges;

Video conferencing includes maximum 1080P screen sharing features, including data conferencing, voice conferencing, non-recurring charges
"Road" is the number of participants in the meeting unit, the total price of the meeting multiplied by the sum of the total length of each road.

The length of the meeting is counted on an hourly basis and the cost is settled on an hourly basis and the corresponding fee is deducted from the account.
Type Voice Conference VGA Video Conference 720P Video Conference
Price 0.009 RMB/Minute·Road 0.079 RMB/Minute·Road 0.19 RMB/Minute·Road
Meeting Room
Unit price for a single meeting room monthly price, if the same time need to open three 4-person meeting, you need to buy three 4-person meeting room.

The conference room quotation program does not limit the number of meetings and times, the maximum resolution of 720P support
Numbers(person) 4 persons 8 persons 16 persons 30 persons 50 persons
Price(Month) 399 RMB 699 RMB 1199 RMB 1999 RMB 2999 RMB
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Live Streaming

Type Recording Reliable storage Live stream(Month) On demand
Price 0.49 RMB/Minute 380 RMB/Month·TB
40 RMB/Downstream concurrent
100 RMB/Downstream concurrent
50 RMB/M

Technical support services

Standard service Application standard function source Custom Development
Mail technical support
(Reply within a working day)
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