Global Real-Time Voice and Video Cloud Communication Service

Engage Users Through Any Channel, Anytime and Anywhere


From one-to-one to group voice calling, embed our SDK easily to realize various different scenarios where voice interaction is required.


With our SDK embedded, high-quality real-time video calling can be achieved quickly and easily, applicable to one-to-one video calling, one-to-many video chatting and many-to-many video conferencing.


Our live interactive streaming service deliver real-time live interactive audio and video broadcasting directly from any application, driving a large amount of users' participation.


Combined with your live audio and video streams, empower your organizations with cloud or on-premises recording system that can meet regulatory requirements.

The Power to Guarantee Communication Worldwide

Juphoon's global SD-ARC® programmable real-time network cloud

High Availability
Real-time voice and video interactions within or across countries with more than 99.99% uptime.
High Concurrency

Flexible and scalable architecture, supporting millions of concurrent users in a single channel.

High Adaptability

Provide developer-friendly SDK integration, and cover all operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Web, RTOS, AliOS, Linux, etc.

Ultra Low Latency

Millisecond delay, ensuring real-time call.
Juphoon: delay 78ms, packet loss ratio 0%
Average: delay 324ms, packet loss ratio 8%

For Developer's Benefits

Construct a communication channel on a developer-trusted cloud platform

Flexible Module Selection

You can choose feature modules you need of voice/video calling or audio/video interactive broadcasting.

Five-Step Running SDK

Easy to integrate, provide developer-friendly SDKs, APIs, code samples and detailed documentation reference.

Zero Start-Up Cost

Free of charge before your products on line, and provide related technical support in the whole process.

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