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One-to-One Voice Calls

JusTalk Cloud supports all platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X, and web browsers. Our exclusive voice quality enhancement technology automatically selects the optimal codec based on the current network environment to eliminate echoes. In addition, we can ensure smooth and undistorted voice, even when the packet loss rate reaches 30%.

One-to-One Video Calls

JusTalk Cloud supports mainstream platforms and terminals, providing a video resolution of up to 1080P. Our exclusive SPo sweet point technology makes video calls to be available in complex network environments. With the ARC mechanism, the path of the highest quality is selected for data transmission so that the video will be clear and free from lag.

Voice Conferencing

The enterprise-level voice conferencing SDK allows tens of thousands of people to participate in a voice conference. With servers deployed in over 120 countries around the world, JusTalk Cloud ensures an extremely smooth, stable, and clear conference call experience from any corner of the globe.

Video Conferencing

JusTalk Cloud supports a video conference of up to 16 members. Our exclusive video engine ensures a clear and smooth video experience. JusTalk Cloud supports a video recording function, to suit the needs of various application scenarios. It also supports file sharing, screen sharing, doodles, video whiteboard, and other functions, providing excellent interactivity during video conferences.

Interactive Video Livestreams

JusTalk Cloud supports the simultaneous broadcast of up to 16 live video streams, with a delay of only milliseconds. Our exclusive video engine provides excellent adaptability for complex mobile network environments, ensuring a clear and smooth video experience. Users can interact with the video stream by means of voice, video, doodles, and IM, allowing for the integration of real-time discussions and Q&A in the livestream.

Broadcast Video Livestreams

The ARC mechanism provides multi-path optimization for media transmissions, ensuring the video clarity and smoothness. Our exclusive video engine technology reduces the data usage while maintaining the same clarity. Using the cascade method, JusTalk Cloud supports broadcasts for hundreds of millions of terminals.

Data Collaboration

JusTalk Cloud provides various content carriers, including text, image, voice, location, doodles, whiteboard, and file sharing. The ARC transmission mechanism ensures data sharing extremely smooth.


As you use JusTalk Cloud, you will find even more great features.

Stable and Reliable Cloud Communication Service


Globally Distributed Access

We have servers deployed in over 120 countries around the world. ARC enables the nearest SDN is accessed on a global scale.
H.264 SVC编码视频会议系统

High-performance SVC

JusTalk Cloud supports SVC. A single encoding can suit the needs of multiple networks and terminals. This reduces the latency by 100–200 ms relative to conventional MCUs.

High-stability O&M Platform

JusTalk Cloud platform has run stably for 10 million hours and supports multi-dimensional operating platform real-time monitoring, as well as global voice & video call quality data and optimization management.

Ultra-smooth Voice & Video Experience

Our exclusive voice enhancement and SPo video sweet point technologies ensure that JusTalk Cloud provides a clear and smooth voice/video call experience, even if the packet loss rate reaches 30%.

Ultra-smart Dynamic Transmission Module

The exclusive ARC transmission module is more efficient and reliable than TCP. Its dynamic distributed transmission, firewall penetration, smart push, and other capabilities allow it to perfectly adapt to mobile Internet environments.

High-Quality Data Mechanism

Smart connection and data QoS ensure high quality, allowing for software solutions suitable for hundreds of millions of users.

Unique Voice & Video Engine

With the industry's leading video super-resolution technology, JusTalk Cloud can significantly increase the video resolution and image quality. In traffic reducing mode, different code rates are used for images with different levels of motion, saving the data usage by up to 90%.

Fast Response Mechanism

Our elite technology team responds to customers immediately during business hours. Users can ask a question on the forum and receive an answer right away, so they can solve their problems as soon as possible.

Super-secure Transmission Mechanism

Call data is transmitted, but not stored, for 100% transmission security. For industries and enterprises with encryption needs, enterprise customers can use the encryption API to ensure data security.

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