Video Calling

Add Ultra-HD video chat into any application with our easily embedded SDK. Build real-time communications anywhere.

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Unparalleled Video Communications

One-to-One Calling

Significantly increase user experience with Juphoon video calling by integrating high quality video call capabilities.

One-to-Many Calling

Beef up user engagement in various online activities, including e-learning, live streaming, etc.

Group Calling

Group chat calls reach up to 16 online participants, making sure that you handle all the use cases.

Screen Sharing

The desktop version achieves the online screen sharing in training, conferencing, e-learning, etc.


Whiteboard ensures you communicate with others with clearer and more fun interaction.


Render server-side recording, and separate audio and video recording during video calling.

Quality Standing out from the Competition

Control Calls with Multiple Platforms

Juphoon supports all platforms and channels, making it easy to deliver deep integration of high-quality and extreme low-latency video calling.

Advanced Video Engine

Support customized resolution and bit rate, providing low, medium and high resolutions for different business scenarios. Improve picture quality with the industry-leading video resolution technology.

Rigorously Tested for Every Use Case

Use our SDK to build the use case that is right for your business. Juphoon supports video call work in every browser, making sure you can handle all the use-cases your users will ever need.

In-Depth Customization

Add custom video resolution and adaptive bit rate. Custom collection mode and render mode access third-party video processing components, including whiteboard, beauty mode, AR, etc.

SD-ARC® Programmable Real-Time Network Cloud

We deploy over 200 IDC resource sets worldwide, covering more than 200 countries and regions. SDN can be accessed worldwide, achieving high-quality communication.

Flexible Pricing Options

Starts at $0

Pre-integration and testing are free of charge, with one-stop technological solutions and support.

Flexible Business Solution

Developers enjoy high-quality video communication services at affordable prices with customized schemes.


Global Real-Time Voice and Video Cloud Communication Service

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