Teachers and Students Are Interconnected on Any Device, Anywhere

Juphoon meets all needs of educational scenarios, helping you to promote communication between teachers and students with the most engaging online learning experience through voice, video, real-time messaging, screen sharing, etc.

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Redefine Education

Audio and Video Interaction

Live Streaming

Real-Time Recording

Instant Messaging

Screen Sharing

Interactive Whiteboard

Classroom Management

Admin Tools

Class Quality Monitoring

The Possibilities

One-to-One Teaching

High quality voice and video ensure the interaction between teachers and students in online classes is as great as off-line classes, which can be applied to many educational scenarios, like math class, art class, yoga class, etc.

Group Class

Teachers and students can interact with each other in one-to-many online classes in quite a few ways, such as voice, video, IM, whiteboard and screen sharing, bringing you with fresh and interesting learning experience.

Interactive live lecture

Interactive live lecture reaches up to millions of concurrent students worldwide, and ultra-low latency meets the requirements of teacher-to-student and student-to-student real-time interaction.

Art Coaching

While playing instruments, like piano, guitar, etc., or drawing pictures, teachers can coach students remotely. High-fidelity audio and video make sure teachers accurately find practice problems.

Knowledge Without Limits

Highly Interactive Classroom Experience

Ultra-low latency brings students and teachers with real-time interaction even in weak network or in remote areas. Enhance student performance by hybrid learning and micro-learning.

Accessible to All Students

Serve millions of concurrent participants, designing for a wide range of scenarios from one-to-one e-learning to live online class.

Widest Range of Online Teaching Platforms

Various real-time cloud services are available for a wide range of devices and platforms. Optimized SDKs take effect even on underperformed devices.


Global Real-Time Voice and Video Cloud Communication Service

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