Live Interactive Audio Streaming

Add high quality real-time audio streaming into your applications with our easily integrated SDK.

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Tailored for Your Needs

Enhance User Engagement

Support users with a meaningful, attractive experience that will tremendously increase the usage of your app.

Cost-Effective Realization

While ensuring high-quality product and service, Juphoon helps you reduce the cost and monetize your applications.

A Competitive Edge

The easily integrated SDK and one-stop quality service help you launch products steadily and quickly.

Expand User Base

By adding live interactive audio streaming, you are able to draw new users in an appealing new way.

Superior Streaming Experience

Multiple Platforms

Support all platforms and channels, making it easy to deliver high quality audio experience.

Low Latency

Provide low latency audio streaming to audiences worldwide, bringing real-time appealing live engagement experience.

High Quality Audio

Develop high-fidelity sound quality, achieving natural audio reproduction during Podcast, Music Room, KTV, etc.

Smooth Experience

We support millions of users' participation and deliver smooth and interruption free experience.

Flexible Pricing Options

Starts at $0

Pre-integration and testing are free of charge, with one-stop technological solutions and support.

Flexible Business Solution

Developers enjoy high-quality voice communication services at affordable prices with customized schemes.


Global Real-Time Voice and Video Cloud Communication Service

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