Construct Close-Knit Social Network

Empower you to embed high quality voice, video and live interactive streaming into social media engagement apps with low overhead, increasing the connection between you and the people you care for.

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The Possibilities

Group Chat

Outstanding HD voice & video group chats beef up user engagement with crystal clear voice and video.

Live Interactive Streaming

Build your own social network in multiple platforms and channels. You can talk with your audiences with Juphoon's high quality live streaming services.

Online KTV

Users can order and sing songs with other players simultaneously in different places, ensuring a wonderful experience.


Revolutionize your interaction in games with our real-time voice, video and live interactive streaming for mobile, web and desktop games.

Create Impressive Connection Worldwide

Real-Time Recording

Record your memorable moments. Easily store and smoothly deliver your content to your audiences worldwide.

High Concurrency

Our flexible and scalable architecture support millions of concurrent connections in a single channel, enabling millions of users to participate.

Low Latency

Over 200 IDC resource sets worldwide, covering more than 200 countries and regions and making sure meaningful conversation can happen everywhere.

Strong Mobility

Low battery and CPU consumption guarantee high quality audio and video that meet various requirements of users.


Global Real-Time Voice and Video Cloud Communication Service

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