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Video intercom social app new fashion

作者:Juphoon Cloud Platform 发布时间:2016-03-09

As one of the few domestic social platform, street at the beginning of the new year there will be a big move. Recently, the street together with the famous cloud communications provider Juphoon Cloud Platform, to build China's first real-time video intercom social APP - meteor. After reading the burning, live video and other new social way, so meteor for a time to become hot, 2016 social earners of the first event of the industry.

It is understood that the "Meteor" APP is the latest team launched a chat team chat software, this is the industry as a "very novel" meteor APP, the user can completely complete the scene at that time completely presented to their own circle And friends. Compared to simple pictures, language, text, live video can carry more information. But at the same time, compared to a long video, the short video can save the phone's storage space. Compared to the traditional "after reading", "meteor" group chat can retain the last hour of conversation content, pictures can be based on the value of the number of views can view the function, it is more humane.

Although short video will not replace text within a short time, voice and picture social, but it is becoming the mainstream of today's mobile social. 2015 national mobile video application users up to 879 million scale, its vast market and rising space can not be underestimated. "Meteor" APP came into being, for hundreds of millions of domestic social networking Cenozoic provides a new way of chat. And when the "meteor" growing occasion, its carrying Juphoon Cloud Platform mobile video communication cloud is also becoming a hot topic in the industry.

Juphoon Cloud Platform is developed by Juphoon System Software, a well-known software developer in the field of mobile video and converged communications. Since its introduction, to low power consumption, high anti-packet loss rate, intelligent night vision, save traffic, 720P HD video and service access to customers alike.

Juphoon Cloud Platform uses a unified operating system platform adapter interface, and integrates the system provides power-optimized network transmission interface, power consumption than the same cloud communication technology 30%, so that the video experience more arbitrary; In addition, Juphoon Cloud Platform can intelligently adjust brightness and contrast by analog and digital processing, so that the video effect in darker light environment is significantly improved, and the picture clarity is better than that of Juphoon Cloud Platform, which can reduce the impact of network packet loss on video quality. , The brightness is higher. The most surprising is that, in improving the video anti-packet loss rate, brightness, clarity at the same time, Juphoon Cloud Platform independent research and development of video bandwidth technology, in conventional video calls up to 90% of traffic savings!

Juphoon Cloud Platform application, so that many domestic users get a very good video communication experience. "Meteor" APP universal users that are not cardton, smooth and clear, low power consumption, even in the dark weather video is still unaffected and other advantages, so that their communication is more pleasant.

The Juphoon Cloud Platform and street friends, designed to "Meteor" to provide APP clear, smooth, low power consumption of video communication, improve the user experience, optimize the domestic network communication. In the future, Juphoon Cloud Platform will strengthen cooperation with domestic clients such as domestic social, mobile education, online medical, corporate communications, game communication and other professional fields to provide customers with personalized SDK services to meet the needs of different markets.

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