Enable the first ".cloud" domain name in China,
Juphoon set off cloud top domain name boom

Author:Juphoon Cloud Platform Publish time:2016-03-09

As a business based on fierce competition, one of the three major weapons, the top domain name in the past few years to become a battleground. According to ICANN's statistics, top-level domain names will amount to more than 10 million by 2015, but there are only a handful of companies that can be approved because of the high level of audit requirements.

Domain name competition intensified, with the development of Internet technology, the importance of cloud technology has become increasingly prominent, "cloud" cloud domain name value is self-evident, thousands of enterprises are hoping for this open. After spending about $ 20 million in iBoud.com in 2011, Google hoed $ 25 million and beat 12 competing companies to take top-level domain names from the Internet. The highest transaction record of the domain name. Prior to Google's purchase of .app before, in September-December 2014, .tech, .buy and other top-level domain names have also been Dot Tech, Amazon and other companies to 6.76 million US dollars, 4.59 million US dollars high transaction price Get it.

As the .cloud domain name is on the day of the daily application of 500 applications, the number of beachhead applications more than 2,600, ICANN began to apply for ". Cloud" enterprises to strictly approve. Only in line with the requirements of the cloud computing professional threshold and the corresponding capital, the size of the enterprise, can be successful as ". Cloud" a member of the top-level domain. It is understood that the current domestic ". Cloud" top-level domain of the cloud computing business is not much, and Juphoon is the first successful registration. "Cloud" top-level domain name cloud computing business.

Juphoon Cloud Platform has taken a variety of carriers and how to make the meeting feel at an unprecedented level for how to improve the participation and communication of cloud meetings. Juphoon Cloud Platform Cloud meeting participants can join the terminal from anywhere, anytime, anywhere, select the administrator authority master mode or equal multi-video mode, flexible control of the meeting. A variety of personalized presentation methods, such as screen sharing, electronic whiteboard, text, voice, graffiti, location, file sharing, pictures, etc., as well as recording and on-demand functions, is to help enterprises in the most convenient way to achieve data cloud synchronization; At the same time a wide range of interface layout switch freely, but also greatly improve the efficiency of the meeting.

Can become the first successful registration. "Cloud" top-level domain name cloud computing business, which Juefeng company itself is inseparable strength, It is understood that Ningbo Juphner Company was established in 2005, over the years focused and specialized in the field of communications research and development, equipment manufacturers, IT integrators, operators and various types of enterprises to provide IMS applications and VoIP products, VoIP, IP Multimedia (IMS), Rich Communication Suite (RCS and RCS-e), real-time multimedia communication, cross-platform (PC, Android, iPhone, iPad, Web) and other fields have accumulated rich technical and experience. After 11 years of development, Of the business development to the world's five continents hundreds of different enterprises, including Alcatel-Lucent, China Telecom, ZTE and other global top 500 enterprises.

Juphoon Cloud Platform, developed by Juphoon Group, is a cloud communications service provider specializing in professional areas such as online education, corporate communications, online healthcare, O2O, social communication, and gaming communications. As the world's leading mobile audio and video cloud platform, Juphoon Cloud Platform not only has a series of basic cloud communication functions such as high quality and stable voice calls, 720P HD video call, high fidelity audio conference, multi-channel video broadcast, data collaboration, To provide customers with the development of personalized video communications additional services, such as graffiti, file sharing, screen sharing and so on.

Juphoon became the first successful registration of ".cloud" top-level cloud computing business, not only represents its leading industry recognition, but also indicates its future more smooth development path. Good domain name is easy to remember, easy to spread, in the enterprise promotion will save a considerable amount of money and human input. Fully enable this ".cloud" domain name, the user can through the mobile terminal device or computer anytime, anywhere to search for information about Juphoon. Good user experience effect, will greatly increase the user's favorability and awareness.

".cloud" domain name in the country's full opening, will greatly develop the potential of cloud computing around the appreciation of the future development wait and see.

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