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The original cloud meeting can also be so "live"

Author:Juphoon Cloud Platform Publish:2016-03-09

With the rapid development of domestic cloud computing technology and the wide application, cloud conference as an important means of information communication, has become a powerful compression business daily communication, meetings, travel costs of the necessary weapons, is widely introduced into the recruitment industry, business summary Annual meeting and product research / marketing meetings and other major areas. In the blue sky, with ten years of technical experience in the instant messaging cloud platform - Juphoon Cloud Platform mobile audio and video communications cloud platform to a more fluid, more clear, more stable, more interactive and powerful advantages, Particularly eye-catching.

Figure: Juphoon Cloud Platform SDK standard development conference software interface map

Accumulate, standing behind the giant

Cloud meeting smooth or not, for the efficient communication within the enterprise play a vital role. Juphoon Cloud Platform has developed a unique patent on the market to ensure high-quality, low-traffic video at high network packet loss rates and 2.5G of low bandwidth. At the same time, "plug-in" adaptive network technology, so that the conference video automatically select the optimal parameters of different devices, quality and fluency can be adjusted in real terms according to the actual network,
It is worth mentioning that, Juphoon Cloud Platform also provides users with quick way to generate cloud meetings, just a simple step, you can open, join the cloud conference live video, no longer need to undergo a series of complex and difficult procedures and debugging.

Clearer live level meeting experience

Juphoon Cloud Platform video codec and transmission layer in addition to the application of traditional mainstream FIR, FEC and NACK and other technologies, but also the development of a more and more, the video is very good, "Passive" reference frame technology RPSI. It can not only greatly reduce the network packet loss on the video quality damage, you can also maintain the screen at 720P HD and 16KHz high-definition voice, to provide users with live-level video communication.

In addition, Juphoon Cloud Platform also uses intelligent exposure and image enhancement and other advanced video capture enhancement technology. Intelligent adjustment of brightness and contrast by analog and digital processing significantly improves the video effect in darker light environments, allowing the conference to remain clear and bright even in dark environments or weather.

More interactive patterns and more comprehensive communication efficiency

Juphoon Cloud Platform has taken a variety of carriers and how to make the meeting feel at an unprecedented level for how to improve the participation and communication of cloud meetings. Juphoon Cloud Platform Cloud meeting participants can join the terminal from anywhere, anytime, anywhere, select the administrator authority master mode or equal multi-video mode, flexible control of the meeting. A variety of personalized presentation methods, such as screen sharing, electronic whiteboard, text, voice, graffiti, location, file sharing, pictures, etc., as well as recording and on-demand functions, is to help enterprises in the most convenient way to achieve data cloud synchronization; At the same time a wide range of interface layout switch freely, but also greatly improve the efficiency of the meeting.

More secure meeting information zero leak

In order to protect the contents of the meeting, the safety of personal information of the participants, Juphoon Cloud Platform uses signaling encryption (TLS) and media stream encryption (SRTP) combination of means to establish a secure data transmission channel to encrypt the communication data, so that the customer's business communications security Get a strong guarantee.

With the continuous improvement of cloud conference technology, "global workplace" has become more closely, three-dimensional, universal. I believe that in the near future, Juphoon Cloud Platform will be for more and more enterprises, bring cloud ecological strategy on the new situation.

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