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Help strangers open acquaintance social model

Author:Juphoon Cloud Platform Publish tome:2016-02-03

In 2011, a stranger called the street quietly popular in the streets, in the young people set off a wave of enthusiasm, creating a new way of chat - near people social. This social way was once very red, in many people's mobile phone plays an important role. By opening the phone's positioning function, search to nearby users, you can choose to chat with them, mutual friends. As well as expressions, videos and other flexible and interesting features available. Once upon a time, many people like this way of chat, never tired of meeting the strangers around.

In the rapid hot at the same time, the street has become a controversial object. Some people praised the emergence of it broke the wall between people, and some people denounced its vulgar, that it is only for some people in order to distract loneliness and physiological needs of the platform to provide the application of "artillery artifacts" in the name From this.

But no matter how popular comments, street is undoubtedly a success. It succeeded in creating a new social way, in the minds of the public left a deep impression. Nowadays, as a pioneer in the neighborhood, the street makes a new attempt, and this time they turn their attention from the nearby social to the acquaintance. A January 27, 2016 on the line called "meteor" APP, is that they make the attempt.

This APP is based on the function of the post-read burn function, but with the ordinary after reading is different. Each user has a certain number of times can be read, the upper limit 10 times. Screenshots, screenshots will be systematically punished, reducing the number of times available. In the "meteor", the user can phone number or social account to add friends. You can video, text, IM, voice way of social chat, as well as graffiti, facial expressions and other functions can be used for users.

Figure: Meteor APP in the user after the screenshot of the reminder interface

"Meteor" APP is the result of the collaboration between the street and the Juphoon Cloud Platform audio and video cloud, which is provided by Juphoon Cloud Platform (cloud.juphoon.com). As the world's leading audio and video cloud platform, Juphoon Cloud Platform cloud (cloud.juphoon.com) with high standards of audio and video quality, quality service in the industry has a good reputation. Juphoon said that this cooperation with the street company is a very honored attempt. Juphoon Cloud Platform audio and video cloud (cloud.juphoon.com) in addition to meteor to provide a stable audio and video calls, but also to high-quality services to help "meteor" stable operation. At the same time, Juphoon Yun also blessed and look forward to the "meteor" can be a hit, continue to stride the brilliant, in the minds of the public left a deep and unforgettable impression.

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