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Author:Juphoon Cloud Platform Publish time:2016-02-01

5 minutes, what can you do?

Give you five minutes, what will you do? Brush microblogging, talk WeChat, shopping about what, or play leisure class tour, or a few self-timer easy?

With the popularity of smart phones and flat, people's daily life and mobile phones more and more inseparable, in the fragmented time can choose the way more and more entertainment. More and more novelty fun APP is also emerging, just a few minutes time, people can do things there are hundreds of thousands of choices. 5 minutes, maybe someone will choose to brush microblogging, to understand the day's hot spots. In the WeChat and friends to talk a few words, incidentally look at the circle of different demons and ghosts. You can also see the daily newspaper, in God reply to music in a music. Or simply play around the tour, the game map and then push a customs. More quiet beauty man / woman, just want to pick a few self-repair map and then send microblogging / ticket circle waiting to praise

5 minutes, people can choose the number of pastime countless. But in fact, 5 minutes of time, you can also give yourself a charge, easy to make their knowledge base more substantial.

Fragmented time to learn, the relevant App market is broad

After the popularity of mobile devices, more and more learning class APP is appearing in various application stores. The major online education platform have also launched the mobile side to facilitate the use of students, such as Shanghai, Tencent class and so on. Education has become the inevitable trend of the future. In all kinds of learning APP, prepare for the application of various types of test software, IELTS TOEFL counseling software and so on. There are network class APP, such as the Shanghai school network APP. There are many APP with novelty play, combined with the use of fragmented time to learn this feature, in the field of mobile education has opened up a miracle.

Figure: Foreigner Interesting App Store screenshot

A called "foreigners chat" APP, is the online education APP Ranran a rising star. The APP provides a platform for communication between Chinese students and foreigners in English-speaking countries through online audio and video chat, providing a very convenient and effective way for people who want to improve their spoken language. They are provided to the teacher and the way of communication between students is very interesting, in addition to high-definition audio and video calls, but also in the course of the call to send IM messages, pictures; teachers and students in the process can also be in the interface casually graffiti, let The process of communication is more lively and interesting, slowing down embarrassment.

Accumulate, standing behind the giant

This APP on-line two months, the rapid gains of millions of users, the industry outside the numerous praise. In the creative behind, the APP stable and smooth audio and video calls is undoubtedly an important factor in success. (Juphoonloud.com) is a global leader in the production of audio and video communications services from Ningbo, a company - Ningbo Juphoon System Software Co., Ltd., the company's products Juphoon Cloud Platform (Juphoonloud.com) is a global leader in the sound Video chat cloud. This cloud communications products Juxing people condensed more than a decade of effort, is their relentless research and development and the pursuit of excellence results. In addition to the APP mentioned above, Juphoon Cloud Platform (cloud.juphoon.com) and many well-known enterprises at home and abroad have cooperation.

As a SDK provider behind many big companies, Juphoon Cloud Platform (cloud.juphoon.com) provides SDKs with good performance, stability, ease of integration and easy integration. In addition to excellent cloud communications products, Juphoon Cloud Platform (cloud.juphoon.com) to provide the service is also very fast and perfect. I learned that Juphoon Cloud Platform (cloud.juphoon.com) audio and video cloud communication is very concerned about and attention to the needs of users, is committed to the Industry customers to provide comprehensive, easy to use solutions. For online education, they are very concerned about the future development of the industry and trends, and always focus on research and development, the pursuit of the most perfect product, with the highest quality audio and video communications cloud industry level.

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