Mobile medical APP market continues to heat up,
To seize the blue sea cloud communication first

Author:Juphoon Cloud Platform Publish time:2016-01-28

The rapid development of the Internet, for all walks of life transformation brought endless imagination. In the context of "Internet +", the national medical industry is also a new look, is considered to be the most likely to become the area in 2016, is expected to 2017, China's mobile medical market will reach 12.53 billion yuan.

Even if the cake is so big, China is currently more than two thousand mobile medical APP is still mainly concentrated in the shallow medical counseling, appointment registration, health records and other services, and the existence of uneven quality, speculation to promote excessive, operating costs High problem. Serious follow the trend and homogenization of intense competition, leading to the existing majority of mobile medical APP lack of innovation, more bubbles, low survival rate. So in the 2016 mobile medical APP products in the stability of the market, to extend the product life cycle, segment product features, improve user experience and product quality will become a necessary prerequisite.

Juphoon Cloud Platform Cloud Communications ( is an essential tool for providing communication capabilities for enterprise and personal developers, including web-based voice calls, video calls, conferences, IM instant messaging, and various customization features. It provides high-quality cloud communication capabilities to easily extend the range of mobile medical APP services, covering the appointment registration, real-time health advice, light consultation, family doctor, doctor-patient communication, chronic disease management and medical research, for mobile medical products Fine development to provide a strong guarantee. Its simple development steps, and a wealth of operational stability experience, personalized custom services, in the APP cost savings, eliminating the need to worry about the operation while allowing mobile medical APP even more powerful.

Most importantly, Juphoon Cloud Platform Cloud ( can cater to the scene of the medical environment, to meet the various needs of users of various types, so that users can face to face with the professional doctor. Such as remote psychological counseling, child online emergency counseling and epidemiological prevention, health care workers internal communication platform, geriatric and chronic disease management, appointment registration, family health consultants, and pet health counseling, are Juphoon Cloud Platform cloud communication can be a side of the service category. Doctors can pass high-definition video calls, and its attached magnifying glass, intelligent night vision, file transfer and other functions for face to face. This is for the medical efficiency, accuracy, product refinement development, have unparalleled benefits. In addition, these personalized value-added features will greatly improve the user's viscosity and experience, especially for the elderly, patients with chronic diseases and the use of child care providers to provide great convenience.

The mobile phone will see the smartphone will be the preferred mobile medical device in the next five years, according to the report of the Global Mobile Healthcare APP Developers Annual Meeting. Cloud computing, including cloud computing, including product refinement, will be mobile medical products from development to download the "wormhole." Pass personalized, valuable information, to provide quality user experience, will also become mobile medical APP brand image and download the key to win-win.

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