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Integrate cloud communication with online education

Author:Juphoon Cloud Platform Publish time:2016-01-26

Probably many people have encountered the same situation with the author: go shopping or work on the way to walk, a person came from next, warmly with you strike up, casually handed over an ad asked: "Mr. / Girls need English training? "And then attach a large section of the introduction of a certain institution. The speaker tried to persuade, but the listener most of the few interested, and ultimately only most of the listers quickly walked away.

This is a very common scene in daily life, but also reflects the current status of many offline educational institutions. Less students, highly competitive, high operating costs. Forced by these pressures, part of the educational institutions can not support, and ultimately escape the fate of disappeared. The other part is not willing to this, so efforts to seek transformation, to explore the development of new directions, the Internet has become a lot of educational institutions and business new goals. In recent years, the rapid development of online education, which broke the time and space constraints of learning, is being accepted by more and more people.

According to iresearch released the "2015 China Online Education Platform Research Report", China's online education development prospects are excellent. In 2014, the number of online education users has reached nearly 60 million people. The investment hotspots are mainly concentrated in K12, early education, foreign language and vocational education. Interest in education, educational information and tutor O2O is a bright spot. "Content + platform + community + service" virtuous circle, more easy to gather traffic formation transactions.

Faced with such a good prospect, education enterprises naturally will not give up the Internet online broad market. But in what form cleverly transferred to the line, is the first of many educational enterprises to think about the problem. Ningbo Juphoon's Juphoon Cloud Platform audio and video cloud (cloud.juphoon.com) with the form of cloud communications, for this issue to bring the answer.

Juphoon Cloud Platform audio and video cloud (cloud.juphoon.com) is Ningbo Jufeng System Software Co., Ltd. with a decade of technical accumulation developed a cross-platform audio and video communications cloud, with good quality, fast integration, stability, technical level Industry leading position and so on. For online education, the Juphoon Cloud Platform video cloud (cloud.juphoon.com) has developed a range of industry-specific features. In addition to the online education industry customers to provide up to 720P audio and video online live ability, the traditional course on demand ability, and provide 1V1 video teaching ability, but also to provide small class video courses, allowing multiple video concurrent, teachers and students can see each other , To break the lack of interaction between teachers and students in the past, and to provide teachers with the ability to control the classroom, teachers can control the prohibition, or specify the students to speak, so that teachers can ask students at any time in the classroom, The interaction is more effective.

In addition, the Juphoon Cloud Platform audio and video cloud (cloud.juphoon.com) has also developed more vivid and effective features for online education. Such as the screen, courseware sharing function, so that teachers can be in the course of the process of sharing the screen or file to the student screen, a detailed demonstration of the steps and ideas; file delivery function, provides the ability to send documents directly in the teaching, In the past, teachers need to send documents and other documents through the third party. In addition, Juphoon Cloud Platform audio and video cloud (cloud.juphoon.com) also provides whiteboardboard, screen graffiti and other vivid features. Whiteboard for teachers to write blackboard, and at any time with the video screen or courseware, to solve the previous online education and traditional classroom completely out of the question. Screen graffiti can be marked by simple painting can focus or teacher-student interaction, lively and interesting.
Figure:JusMeeting Screenshot

2016 is destined to be a year of rapid development of online education, Juphoon Cloud Platform audio and video communications cloud (cloud.juphoon.com) for the development of this industry is also very concerned about.In addition to providing stable and quality services,Juphoon Cloud Platform will also develop more features for online educational development, with the power of cloud communications to bring better development for online education.

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