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Online education will use cloud communications in 2016 ushered in burst points

Author:Juphoon Cloud Platform Publish time:2016-01-20

2015 online education market, can be described as the rapid development of the year, according to Ereli data statistics, last year China's online education market grew 19.4% year on year, reaching 112.9 billion yuan. Analysis also believes that with the continuous development of online education is expected in 2017, the national online education users will exceed 500 million people mark. Juphoon Cloud Platform audio and video cloud (cloud.juphoon.com) as a technical advantage of online education industry solutions provider, with high-definition smooth video technology and rich graffiti, whiteboard, IM, screen sharing and other functions for the online education industry The new play method.

Interactive teaching to improve the user experience, student attendance rate of a straight line

For most of the line of education institutions on the line, the development of high cost, poor curriculum experience is the most troublesome problem. And the use of cloud computing platform to support business development, has become the consensus of online education industry. In addition to greatly reduce development costs, shorten the development cycle, the flexible industry solutions are also a major advantage of the cloud platform.

Ju Xiao-jiong, CEO of Juphoon System Software, said: "Online education has a high rate of retreats, which is related to poor learning experience and poor self-participation in class. Effective online education should be a kind of Modern two - way interactive education through real - time, effective communication, improve the attractiveness of products, reduce online education midway retreat rate.

It is understood that Juphoon Cloud Platform audio and video cloud (cloud.juphoon.com) for online education enterprises and institutions to provide one-on-one video teaching, one-to-many or many-to-many interactive live technology. Ability to instant messaging, file and image sharing, graffiti and whiteboard, remote desktop sharing, video recording and storage in remote video courses. (Interacting with teachers and students (voice, video, pictures and text) is more diversified, interactive operation (graffiti and whiteboard) is more interesting, interactive feedback (Q & A) more timely, interactive display (courseware and assignments ) Is more flexible and easy to operate. These functions change the characteristics of the one-way flow of online education in the past, greatly improving the quality of online education users experience, so that students can participate in their own learning; and online education institutions can also be based on user situation, real-time adjustment of teaching content and progress.

Juphoon Cloud Platform Audio and video communications cloud (cloud.juphoon.com) in the online education industry focus and technical advantages, to a large extent, to solve the current online education in the middle of the high rate of retreat. In the teaching atmosphere, teaching quality, teaching students, etc. to improve the quality of online education courses, so that the Internet + education with more development possibilities.

Figure: Ningbo Juphoon System Software Co., Ltd. co-president Qian Xiaoying

Technical docking more convenient, personalized service more fit education industry

As the chief executive of Juphoon System Software (Juphoon System Software), Qian Xiaojiong said, "The current online education applications are generally concentrated on the PC side, mobile online education services are still in the early stages of development, while users of mobile, fragmented , Interactive, personalized learning needs are extremely strong, line of quality teaching resources online trend, how low-cost, high-quality migration to the line is a lot of education and training institutions of the problem.”

In the face of this industry common problems, Juphoon Cloud Platform audio and video cloud (cloud.juphoon.com) and English through dubbing, foreigners chatting, non-chatting, Lian Lian English and other large number of educational users, Communication and education services, not only greatly improve the quality of teaching communication, but also on the sharing of courseware and interactive interaction between teachers and students and other industries to provide technical support. With the help of Juphoon Cloud Platform audio and video cloud (cloud.juphoon.com), English voice dubbing, foreigners chatting APP rapid development, just a short period of one month, there are more than 3,000 teachers stationed.

"Juphoon Cloud Platform Mobile Video Communications Cloud SDK access is much simpler and less developer than other mainstream communications clouds.We have tried other cloud communications before, but then we have tried the other cloud traffic, but then And Juphoon Cloud Platform mobile video communication cloud service is also very good, very intimate, very responsive to the needs of users Many of the demands we have made are met in a timely manner, and custom development will not slow progress.

Figure: foreigners interesting chat screenshots

In 2015, online education financing is close to $ 1.8 billion. Based on the contemporary, education is the trend of mobile. Popular online education, is a big thing to benefit the country. Through the Internet, China's educational resources can be better allocated, so that nationals can be more efficient, low-cost to enhance their knowledge and skills. Long-term prospects for cloud communications based on mobile networks.And Juphoon Cloud Platform will make cloud communication more industry and feature, and strive to become the backbone of the huge education market active

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