Juphoon Cloud Platform Help Video APP,Mobile medical treatment into
the new darling of the market

Author:Juphoon Cloud Platform Publish time:2016-07-26

“In June 2016, a heavy message inspired numerous medical APP "little partners" heart: safe doctor officially announced the acquisition of $ 500 million A round of financing, but this is a good doctor from the safe launch of the market, but only one year. 500 million US dollars this figure, setting the Internet medical start-up company's largest single record of financing, reflecting the current mobile medical APP in the capital market, such as the development of the status quo.

With the "Internet + medical" the gradual popularization, online video doctor APP as spring rain doctor, safe doctor, mental health and other mushroomed vigorous development, people see a doctor, is expected to enter a time and space, convenient virtual doctor age.

Although it is virtual, but in fact it is true. Based on the real-time picture transmission technology provided by the Juphoon Cloud Platform mobile video and video cloud (cloud.juphoon.com), many online medical APPs, including the top three applications that have long occupied the top five medical APP markets, have been successfully implemented. Cross the time and space video to see the disease "miracle". Patients can not get home, you can get the most clear, the most real-time, the most reliable doctor's guidance, which for patients with inadequate medical resources in patients with late-night needs of patients, patients with inconvenience, the disease is less likely to go to the hospital Of the patients, are very necessary.

On the Juphoon Cloud Platform mobile audio and video cloud platform (cloud.juphoon.com), many people do not understand, but in fact, this is a reputation has been in the industry, operating more than 10 years platform. In short, Juphoon Cloud Platform can provide services include:

1, voice calls: cross-platform, high-quality, very stable Internet HD voice call service;

2, video calls: ultra-low latency, 720P HD, smooth remote one-on-one video service;

3, audio and video conferencing: 720P high-definition video, high-fidelity audio conferencing and extremely smooth data sharing;

4, live video: high fluency single, multi-channel high-definition video broadcast, a variety of video live interactive program;

5, data collaboration: to provide, including text, voice, graffiti, whiteboard, pictures, location, file sharing and other content carrier.

And applied to online medical APP, Juphoon Cloud Platform (cloud.juphoon.com) function is mainly to provide patients with high-definition doctors real-time images, while doctors to provide a clearer patient parts, improve diagnostic efficiency and accuracy The correct transmission of doctors and patients with audio information for the two sides comfortable and accurate communication to lay a good foundation for the doctor and the doctor between the remote exchange seminar, to provide video support. For example, Concord Hospital, through online video APP, and local hospitals to cooperate to share the most advanced medical information and treatment methods. Smooth communication channels, reduce the cost of communication, improve the hospital diagnosis and management and management level, the ultimate benefit is still the majority of the public.

In addition, the application of the Juphoon Cloud Platform SDK equipped with APP, patients can also be online booking registration, lengthy registration procedures, cumbersome registered data will no longer exist. Patients save a long wait, improve the comfort of the doctor, and the hospital is also easier to obtain patient satisfaction and recognition. As the low immunity of the crowd, the elderly and children do not have to be sick because of a small disease was forced to go to the highly concentrated bacteria in the hospital for medical treatment, prevention of influenza and other infectious diseases, there are great benefits.

With the progress of the times, the Juphoon Cloud Platform mobile video cloud cloud platform (cloud.juphoon.com) will continue to innovate on the needs of the state, society and business for online medical care, and constantly innovate video connectivity technology as well as services for more areas of APP , To provide a stable and reliable communication services.