Ningbo small business development of network video chat software in North America
Defeated "Wechat"

Author:Juphoon Cloud Platform Publish time:2016-07-06

“Ten days ago, our JusTalk ranking in North America has more than WeChat! "Yesterday, Ningbo Juphoon System Software Co., Ltd. co-president Lu Rui joy of the words in the words on June 26 in North America Googleplay download ranking screenshots," Ningbo membership "network video chat software JusTalk ranked No. 33," force Pressure "domestic giant micro letter.

Change the position, "little ants" down the "elephant". "Jufeng" in 2005 registered in Ningbo High-tech Zone, from the most basic modules to start, to the middleware, and then to the system software, and always focus on mobile video and integrated communications technology research and development, the current customer service in five Continent, and has included the three major domestic mobile operators and Huawei, ZTE, millet and other communications giants.

Two years ago, in order to better serve customers, the original B2B business "Jufeng" developed a "JusTalk" network video chat software. Last year in March, the new version on the line. "At that time, the main hope is to provide an intuitive experience to the company's customers, providing cross-platform FaceTime, while collecting first-line data improvement technology to better promote the main business Juphoon Cloud Platform." Cloud Communications First Division General Manager Dai Xiaodan "After a few versions of the upgrade, zero promotion of the" JusTalk "user volume soared. "Until now more than a year, the number of users appears to grow 100 times!"

Cloud communication properly "outlet", cloud market "cake" is fragrant. In particular, this year's government work report, education-related exposition of up to 16%, Internet + education surging. At present, "Juphoon" video technology has applied nearly ten independent invention patents, will also extend the antenna to online education, and gradually extended to online medical, communications and other fields.

Dai Xiaodan introduced, such as "full counseling" (all through education) "foreigners chat" "English voice dubbing" "English class" and other industry-renowned software are used "Juphoon" Juphoon Cloud Platform technology. And thanks to Juphoon Cloud Platform clear, synchronized, convenient, smooth video effects, which spoken "artifact" foreigners chatting only last year, the number of users on the turn. In addition, there are "safe doctor" (China Ping An) "spring doctor" "mental health" and so on.

Last week, Asia's largest mobile show, GSMA, was held in Shanghai. Global 450 exhibitors, including three major operators, Alibaba, Huawei, ZTE, Cisco, Ericsson and other world-renowned enterprises. "Juphoon" is also invited to exhibitors, in this exhibition, has a top operator with India, a top Chinese operators and many other Chinese and foreign customers to reach cooperation intention.

Internet market forces strategizing, crowded, I believe that only concentrated technology, in order to occupy the era of the high ground. "Lu Rui said.

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