Juphoon Cloud Platform debuts 2016 China Guangzhou International Education Exhibition
Talk about wisdom education

Author:Juphoon Cloud Platform Publish time:2016-05-24

With the "Internet + education" the development of the field of education and Internet interoperability will inevitably become the inevitable trend of global education development. Educational Informatization is the Mainstream of Global Education Development in the 21st Century. In the background of the times and the policy of the east, the second China (Guangzhou) International Wisdom Education and Online Education Industry Exhibition in 2016 was officially held in Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Fair on May 27th, 2016.

The exhibition will gather international and domestic intelligent interactive teaching equipment, intelligent application software and services, intelligent campus logistics and IT infrastructure, online education and distance education and other intellectual education upstream and downstream industries, and thousands of principals in southern China and Education industry leaders elites involved. As a leader in intelligent application software and services industry, Juphoon Cloud Platform, the world's leading developer of mobile video software, has the privilege of participating in the wisdom of education in South China and the whole of China, and will showcase Juphoon Cloud Platform at the A816 booth. Leading cloud communications technology and online education solutions, and accept product Q & A and cooperation negotiations.

In fact, when Internet education has not yet risen in the country, Juphoon Cloud Platform has already begun to study the mobile video technology. Juphoon Cloud Platform can achieve ultra-low latency 720P HD smooth one-to-one video calls, as well as video streaming, data collaboration, and witnessed the wisdom of the country, as a result of the development of more than 10 years of intelligent application software and service providers The rise and development, but also to promote the domestic video network education progress.

Before and after 2008, the domestic wisdom education is still waiting for the time, when people for poor sound quality, blurred images, easy to interrupt the network education is not good. With the development of technology, video network education with its unparalleled advantages, fast "conquering", much of the major institutions and training institutions favor. Juphoon Cloud Platform cooperation to foreigners chat, for example, only half a year, its users from hundreds of people to tens of thousands of people. Juphoon Cloud Platform assists online education companies to achieve one-on-one video sharing, small class app app (eg English class), and large open class app (eg full counseling). Clear, high degree of reversion, fluency, good video learning, will be the future of wisdom education mainstream, to promote China's education industry developed by leaps and bounds.

Juphoon Cloud Platform company responsible person that through this Expo, will be conducive to the upstream and downstream Internet education industry exchanges and cooperation to promote the cause of the national Internet education, and ultimately will be conducive to the re-allocation of national education resources and balance , Greatly promote the national central and western regions and the development of education in small and medium-sized cities.

In the future, Juphoon Cloud Platform will continue to provide personalized, cost-effective, easy-to-maintain mobile audio and video for domestic and global virtual operators, software development companies and individuals, including tourism, education and communications. Communication solution.

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