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Author:Juphoon Cloud Platform Publish time:2016-05-06

In recent years, innovation has made every day and every day in China, and application (Application) as a new business direction for the IT industry to create an infinite vitality. However, for the APP to provide cloud services business thinking, but because of its higher threshold, freshly mentioned by the media. Juphoon's Juphoon Cloud Platform debuted at the two special programs hosted by CCTV during the two sessions this year. Juphoon was invited by CCTV as a successful representative of the entrepreneurial enterprises to participate in the program with the record and the same entrepreneurial spirit of the elite to discuss and share the unique characteristics of Juphoon unique entrepreneurial experience.

Stands more than 10 years ahead of the global video cloud platform

2005, Ningbo, Zhejiang, three different backgrounds of the men founded Jueleng System Software Co., Ltd. Since then began their struggle for up to ten years. He has worked in the technical department of Huawei Lu Rui; from Shenzhen Branch Hao Technology Director Qian Xiaotong; graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University and then in the Skyworth Foundation and application software research and development management Liu Qian, the three have more than 15 years of industry experience Founder has become an indispensable core backbone of Juphoon. Juphoon has been operating for up to 12 years.

In the national Internet is still in the bud in 2005, the domestic independent research and development of the application is also very few, and technology entrepreneurship has not yet been popular. In such an environment, Juphoon began IMS client platform, real-time multimedia communication research, which is actually an adventurous and far-sighted decision.

Today, under the leadership of Lu Rui, Juphoon's JustTalk Cloud has grown into the world's leading mobile audio and video cloud platform. Juphoon Cloud Platform's customers are all over the world's five continents, providing quality services to hundreds of companies in more than a dozen countries. In the country, Juphoon Cloud Platform has accumulated a lot of operational experience. Juphoon Cloud Platform's partners include China Mobile, China Telecom, Microsoft, Huawei, Cool, ZTE and other well-known enterprises.

During the two sessions this year, as one of the founders of Qian Xiaojiong invited to participate in CCTV "celebrity entrepreneurship innovation" program recording, he shared a unique entrepreneurial story for the younger generation. He repeatedly mentioned "for customers want more", which is one of the core concept of Juphoon.

Provide face-to-face high-definition smooth exchange service

For many people, Juphoon Cloud Platform is a strange term, and "mobile audio and video communications cloud platform" is more difficult to understand. In simple terms, Juphoon Cloud Platform builds an efficient, high-quality voice and video calling platform and provides such a platform for a variety of applications, websites, and mobile terminals. We used the video social software street, behind the hero, it is Juphoon Cloud Platform.

Juphoon Cloud Platform development is not simple. Behind its team of more than 30 of the world's top experts, with more than a decade of hard work for China's communications industry to create a new future. In the efforts of the Juphoon Cloud Platform team, people can now simply connect to the other side of the earth via Android or iOS, with the support of Juphoon Cloud Platform, whether Wi-Fi, whether the network is 2G, 3G or 4G, More smooth and convenient. For the Juphoon Cloud Platform equipped with APP, with cross-platform and more stable Internet HD voice call service will become more common. Juphoon Cloud Platform promises not only ultra low latency, 720P HD, smooth remote one-to-one video services, 720P HD video, high fidelity audio conferencing and extremely smooth data sharing, but a better future for the industry as a whole.

More comprehensive, lower-cost cloud communications services

In Shanghai Juxian Division, Lu Rui and new customers to discuss the details of the cooperation more frequently. In addition to Ningbo headquarters and Shanghai branch, Juphoon also has a research and development center located in Beijing, Changsha and Shenzhen. These places are not only the best scientific research resources in the country, but also expand and continuously improve their service quality.

Juphoon Cloud Platform will do everything possible for each partner to provide a complete cloud communications services. For example, through the API interface integration and existing call center system, Juphoon Cloud Platform partners can get high-quality enterprise communications capabilities. Enterprises can be rented on demand, according to the amount of payment, eliminating the need for high cost and long build time, without any technical support, you can use high-quality enterprise communications services. Juphoon Cloud Platform also simplifies post-operation and maintenance for the enterprise, helps companies coordinate resources, efficiently manage agents, and meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and large-scale operations.

"Hope that in 2016, Juphoon Cloud Platform can provide more services for more customers in different areas, do more for them, and think more." - Lu Rui.

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