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Author:Juphoon Cloud Platform Publish time:2015-12-29

Data show that 2013 China's call center market totaled nearly 60 billion yuan, and continue to 15% to 20% annual growth rate. With the vigorous development of the call center market, call center industry manufacturers have exploded. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2013, engaged in call center-related products, services and operations of the manufacturers have reached thousands. Call center market competition has become increasingly fierce, customer requirements continue to increase, profits continue to decrease. How in the increasingly narrow living space, to find their own place, is a lot of call center companies began to seriously think about the problem.

In the context of the rapid development of mobile networks and mobile terminals, through the merger of independent voice and data transmission, based on mobile VoIP call center in the communication cost of the huge advantages gradually highlighted.
But the data show that there are still 20% of the mobile VoIP call quality is unacceptable. In the two trends of mobility and IP, to ensure that the call center VoIP voice call quality, call center in a new round of shuffle to ensure that the market share and even stand out the key.

 delay? Caton? Interrupted? echo? noise?
  • • Mobile network stability is poor, the bandwidth fluctuates violently
  • • Unbalanced signal coverage causes frequent network switching
  • • Different mobile devices have different software compatibility
Make the call clearer and smoother
Jade Wind program based on the standard SIP specification, the use of unique JusQoS quality control, fusion bandwidth adaptive technology and advanced anti-packet loss algorithm, can automatically adapt to network changes, dynamically adjust the optimal bit rate, effectively solve the delay, packet loss , Lack of bandwidth caused by a variety of call problems, so that communication focus on the call itself, without worrying about the other.

Diverse equipment, good performance

The use of multi-device audio and video capabilities management (MDM) for mobile terminal voice compatibility issues to do a lot of adaptation work to address the differences caused by equipment, echo, noise and other poor call experience, allowing users to thousands of mobile The terminal has a good voice call experience.

You smile, i want to see

Juphoon for the call center to provide high-quality video call capabilities, business users can face to face communication, making customer service more real, interesting and effective. Support video recording function, record customer service and service between users, improve the quality and safety of services.

"Zero" threshold, low cost

Juphoon program for enterprises to provide cloud-based communications services. Through the API interface integration, the existing call center system can achieve high-quality enterprise communications capabilities. Enterprises can be leased on demand, according to the amount of payment, do not need high cost and long structures, technology "zero" threshold, you can use high-quality enterprise communications services, simplify the latter part of the operation and maintenance, resource coordination.

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