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Angel investment is an effective way to cultivate and grow innovative enterprises. Angel input is equivalent to the enterprise "endorsement" to make it easier to obtain bank loans or other matching funds. Ningbo City angel investment guide fund investment in more than 100 projects, in addition to nearly 500 million yuan of angel investment, to attract social capital investment of more than 500 million yuan, the average project investment and financing about 10 million yuan. I hope the government introduced the angel tax preferential policies, risk compensation policy, to attract more private capital into the field of angel investment. Hope that innovative entrepreneurs do practical work, do not live up to the best of this innovative business era!

———宁波市天使投资引导基金总经理 熊仁章

Industrial innovation and development should pay attention to the layout of resources, "closed up the door to do" unrealistic. We have long maintained the long-term strategy of international mergers and acquisitions, recently through the 1.1 billion acquisition, improve the automotive safety, intelligence, environmental protection, global strategic layout, among the world's top suppliers. The company deeply aware of the talent is the primary factor in innovation-driven, I hope Ningbo to further increase the professionals, high-end technical personnel cited, stay, with policy support to strengthen the local high level of professional and technical personnel training.   

———宁波均胜电子股份有限公司董事长 王剑峰

None of the coffee is the first venture coffee in Ningbo, set up more than two years, held more than 500 business activities, business projects and more than 2,000 projects to help 16 venture projects financing 87.6 million yuan. No coffee this year will link global resources to build a global entrepreneur community. Innovation hot land requires talent, capital, service platform, etc., hope that more local companies in Ningbo to join the angel, venture.   


Internet technology to the rapid development of many enterprises to bring pressure. Jufeng ten years based on video communications and network communications core technology research and development, as mobile, Microsoft, Huawei and other brands of technology and service providers, and through its JusTalk software to obtain millions of users in Europe and America. Third-party technology providers can provide a more flexible choice for enterprise innovation and development, it is recommended that Ningbo vigorously develop third-party technology providers, building a more complete cloud service ecology.   

———宁波菊风系统软件有限公司联合总裁 吕锐

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