Two hot spots "Internet + education":
Juphoon Cloud Platform helps national education development

Author:Juphoon Cloud Platform Publish:2016-04-11

In the just two curtains, in addition to the popular supply side reform, house prices, postponed retirement age, the Internet + education, education, information has become a hot topic of the two sessions. In government work reports, up to 16% of education-related expositions, the development of higher quality, more equitable education is the focus.

The "Internet + education" rose to the height of government work, is a benefit of the people, the balance between the practice of imbalance between educational resources. Just 12 months last year, China's online education platform to break through million, benefiting millions of people, many of them from the second and third tier cities. Compared to single-line online education model, people seem to be more keen to achieve the interaction between teachers and students platform. If 2016 "Internet + education" is no doubt the hot industry, then the interactive form of online education platform, is the hot spots among the hot spots. For the development of interactive online education platform, focusing on mobile Internet companies to provide cloud video services Juphoon responsible person, it is deeply touched.

Juphoon Cloud Platform, developed by Ningbo Jufeng System Software Co., Ltd., which is one of the few cloud video technology providers with more than ten years of experience. By Juphoon Cloud Platform as "video" network platform no less than 100, covering medical, social, education and other fields. According to the person in charge of Juphoon Cloud Platform, in the past year, most of Juphoon Cloud Platform's business has focused on "Internet + education", such as foreign language talk and practice, the use of Juphoon Cloud Platform cloud Video technology. Thanks to clear, synchronized, convenient, smooth video effects, so that foreigners talk about the number of users last year, doubled.

For "Internet + Education", Juphoon Cloud Platform is confident. Despite the fact that in the past year, about 20% of the education website is poorly run and facing the fate of the liquidation, but with the support of national policy, coupled with the correct platform positioning and seize the core of the whole education, that is, "good Teachers and students interactive relationship "and" teaching quality ", education sites can also be in the Ebb Tide where the era of the highlands. Second and third tier cities urban education market space, still yet to be excavated.

In addition, for the country to "Internet + education" to deal with the practice of educational resources is not balanced, Juphoon Cloud Platform responsible person that the imbalance in educational resources is largely a teacher of the imbalance. The popularity of the Internet, especially the popularity of video online education, will be a good reform of the past and even the current poor mobility of teachers, greatly reducing the cost of deployment of teachers, so that students with weak educational resources, to enjoy and large city students Equivalent teacher treatment. This change is precisely a manifestation of a harmonious society. So that education piece of cake can be equally divided, is Juphoon Cloud Platform, and even the Internet education on the chain of every business responsibility.

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