Catch the "outlet"
take advantage of running fast

Author:Juphoon Cloud Platform Publish time:2016-02-11

“I hope you can combine video technology in the mobile side, the development of good after class and class these two links. " "Through a video stream to learn, many customers mentioned. Chen teacher's proposal is very good!"   ……

Lu Rui, who is analyzing the cloud backstage data, received a video call from the teacher of the Institute of Educational Science, Hohhot, who began to discuss the demand for technology from the online education through the "JusTalk" network video.

The eve of the Spring Festival, Sanjiang six sides lit up the landscape lights, shopping malls supermarket filled with hot goods, filled with thick streets filled with the taste.

In Ningbo Jueleng System Software Co., Ltd., overflowing is another kind of fire --- step into the company door, the reporter saw the first 10 employees stood together, in the office platform to discuss the window What other employees sit in position are focused on their respective laptops.

As "Juphoon" co-president of Lu Rui told reporters, although immediately the Spring Festival, but the company there are three or four projects in the rush. "Standing in the cloud 'outlet', we have to take advantage of running!" Lu Rui said.

According to reports, "Juphoon" in 2005 registered in the high-tech zones, from the most basic modules to start, to middleware, and then to the system software, the company has always focused on technology research and development, customer service, including three mobile operators and Huawei, ZTE and so on. Two years ago, in order to better serve the company customers, "Juphoon" developed a "JusTalk" network video chat software, released for everyone free of charge, want to collect first-line data improvement technology, did not expect after several times Version upgrade, "JusTalk" user volume soared. "Last year from March to September half a year, the number of users from 30,000 quickly rose to 2 million. Really unexpected!" Lv Rui said.

Lv Rui introduction, "Juphoon" video technology applied nearly ten independent invention patents, video effects better, with more interactive features. "Juphoon" will gradually extend the tentacles to online education, online medical, online fitness and other fields, partners, including "spring doctor" "cardiology" "reading Lang" "Philippine help" and many other in the industry Of the online brand, one of which can be around the world with foreign language interactive language training spoken by the circle of people known as the "artifact."

“The new year, the company will have a greater development! "Lu Rui

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