2016 National two sessions:Juphoon
Qian Xiaojiong invited CCTV special program

Author:Juphoon Cloud Platform Publish time:2016-03-25

From March 3 this year, China has entered the "two sessions of time", as the beginning of the successful completion of a well-off society in the first year of this year, both the economy, education, people's livelihood, or rural agriculture, overcapacity, the Internet, etc. National focus of attention. To this end, CCTV two sets of "beyond" column group, including the invitation of Ningbo Juphoon System Software Co., Ltd. Vice President Qian Xiaojiong, including representatives from all walks of life as a guest, recording two special programs "Chinese brand innovation Development project ".

In the context of the national economic downturn, the traditional industry overcapacity in the context of how the well-off society in the decisive stage of the occasion, adjust the national economic situation, shaping the image of small and medium enterprises themselves to become one of the important content of this program. As one of the outstanding invited guests, Ningbo Jufeng System Software Co., Ltd. Vice President and General Manager of Cloud Communications Qian Xiaoriong on how to enterprises from "Made in China", changed to "China to create", conducted a profound analysis. He succeeded from their own business, to answer what is the brand new model, how to quickly enhance the corporate and product brand image and other business problems.

It is understood that, as the domestic first-class Internet communications business, Juphoon company set up eleven years to the communications field of product development. In the fields of VoIP, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), RCS, RCS-e and cloud communication, Juphoon has accumulated experience in cooperation with Microsoft, China Mobile, and so on. In Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Changsha, Ningbo and other places with R & D center, can be described as the leader of small and medium enterprises.

For the successful experience of small and medium enterprises, Qian Xiaojiong that, compared with large enterprises and group companies, small and medium enterprises in terms of size, management, cost or capital, there must be a certain gap, small and medium enterprises in the economic downturn environment A firm foothold approach, only the first and large enterprises together to establish a more powerful and stable industry chain. In addition, we should also focus on product innovation, another way, starting from the market, to create the customer really need the product, to "high, refined, sharp" industry leader in the direction of the use of products to speak. Unique, is the most beautiful business and business cards.

Qian Xiaojiong, graduated from Ningbo University in computer science and technology, in 2005 and Liu Qian, Lu Rui in Ningbo co-founded Juphoon, became the first co-president and marketing director. Under the leadership of Qian Xiaoriong, Juxian successfully developed the software platform and middleware products, grow into a good high-tech enterprises, the current business online education, business communications, online medical, O2O, social communications, game communications A field. In addition, he also served as audio and video signal processing researcher, bear the dessert stream algorithm and other advanced technology research. Prior to the establishment of Juphoon, Qian Xiaojiong served as technical director of Shenzhen Branch Hao company, responsible for managing the bank call center, instant messaging software platform, dozens of projects

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