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Online Education How to Break Death Curse?

Author:Juphoon Cloud Platform Publish time:2015-12-31

Online education, from the absence of the lack of giant figure. First, Amazon acquired online education service provider TenMarks, Google launched its C2C online education platform, Facebook online education sub-brand Blueprint debut, Apple online education store to attract a lot of partners, Internet giants to enter the pace of online education is accelerating. In 2015, China's BAT in the field of education in the field of a comprehensive upgrade, new brands, new products and new services such as the emergence of bamboo shoots, capital favorable, mergers and acquisitions, financing continues to heat up.

Online education is rich, gold rush. BAT works with traditional educational institutions, focusing on products, entrances and traffic; YY's 100 education is vigorously pursuing a free trial in the Internet industry, but ultimately failed to open the online education market. In 2014, domestic online education investment and financing amount is estimated to more than 4.4 billion yuan, then there are more than 30 cases of online education failure cases, some companies announced the dissolution of the financing, by 2015 more 20-30% of the online education company was eliminated The So far, China's online education industry also did not appear a can be called a successful "Unicorn" business.

Ebb Tide so intense, people have to think about the lack of online education development? Online education, no shortage of demand, no shortage of market, no shortage of resources, no capital, lack of teaching and learning full communication. There is no denying that education needs a more interactive, more efficient, more individual model.

Juphoon System Software (Juphoon System Software) launched with independent intellectual property rights JusTalk Cloud mobile audio and video communications cloud (justalkcloud.com) in the field of online education to make their own characteristics. It can be audio and video calls, conference, live, IM and other instant messaging capabilities and graffiti, whiteboard, screen sharing and other rich media interactive features embedded in the educational institutions APP, easy online one-on-one counseling (Q & A), interactive classroom , Live lectures and other needs, with a patented video connection technology and audio and video cloud services, to ensure voice and video quality at the same time, so that classroom interaction easier and more convenient, the course becomes more lively and interesting.

100 billion large market, online education industry is difficult

The popularization of online education is a great event for the benefit of the country. In his congratulatory letter to the International Education Informatization Conference, President Xi Jinping pointed out that the construction of a networked, digitalized, personalized and lifelong education system, the construction of "everyone learning, everywhere can learn, always learn" learning society , Cultivate a large number of innovative talents.

On the one hand, the demand for education is large, and the quality of teachers with low resources, through the network technology can optimize the allocation of educational resources, so that all people can be efficient, low-cost learning knowledge and skills. On the other hand, the rapid development of online education market in China, according to the relevant data show that in 2013, an average of 2.6 enterprises every day to enter the online education industry, by 2020 the market size is expected to reach the current three times, reaching 250 billion yuan.

So how do you stand out in this field? The key is to provide students with more breakthrough learning methods and rich learning content. Reporters interviewed Juphoon co-president Lu Rui said that the current problems facing online education is not teaching content, and in teaching and learning to achieve the way.

First of all, the lack of real-time interaction and the sense of the scene is a short-term online education model. The traditional recording and broadcasting, on-demand, live and other forms can only allow students to play through the course of learning, unilaterally instill knowledge, the lack of timely and effective between teachers and students or students exchanges, resulting in poor teaching effectiveness,

In addition, users of mobile, fragmented, interactive, personalized learning needs are extremely strong, "2015 China Online Education Market Report" survey shows that online education users in 2015, the proportion of mobile terminals for the first time over the PC side, and 45.7% Of the users are willing to pay on the mobile side, mobile education has become a new force for the platform and entrepreneurs, the future of online education must be mobile and personalized, and the education industry to share the economy will become a hot spot.

Second, the connection rate is low, audio and video quality is also unstable online education institutions to carry out real-time counseling and interactive classroom is facing a problem.

With JusTalk Cloud audio and video communications, online education can be changed

How to solve these problems faced by online educational institutions?

Jupnoon's JusTalk Cloud mobile audio and video cloud (justalkcloud.com) to the online educational institutions of these difficult problems are solved, users can mobile phones and other mobile terminals, anytime, anywhere access to the global layout of the JusTalk Cloud network to support all the current The mainstream interactive online teaching needs, so that students receive high-quality interactive teaching services.

Lu Rui said, JusTalk Cloud can solve the above three problems from three aspects:

First, give full play to the role of rich media interaction to meet the needs of personalized interactive teaching. JusTalk Cloud mobile audio and video communication cloud can not only help customers in the live classroom to join the courseware sharing, instant messaging, graffiti, whiteboard and screen sharing and other standard rich media functions, to achieve interaction between teachers and students, interactive operation, timely feedback, real-time display (Courseware and homework) and other needs, but also to meet the individual needs of customers to help customers quickly introduce differentiated interactive teaching services.

Second, support mobile terminals, to achieve learning and more. Juphoon in the field of video communications is the world's cutting-edge technology, with mobile video communications core technology. Compared with traditional broadband video services, JusTalk Cloud has obvious overall advantages in mobile network volatility adaptability, mobile bandwidth utilization, terminal fit, and video HD experience, enabling students to include different mobile terminals, PC terminals and other different Terminal to receive high quality teaching services.

Third, to provide high-quality communications services. Juphoon uses exclusive network optimization algorithm, voice noise reduction and high-definition audio and video compression algorithm to protect the audio and video quality at the same time, eliminating the user traffic costly trouble.

Figure: Ningbo Jufeng System Software Co., Ltd. co-president Lu Rui

Communication quality first-class, more in-depth online education industry services

What are the advantages of JusTalk Cloud compared to the existing communication and communication tools in the marketplace?

Compared to traditional video communications products such as Huawei, Polycom, Cisco, JusTalk Cloud without hardware costs, you can quickly embedded into the customer's own APP, more intimate custom services; compared to the Internet's well-known domestic and international video communications Products and services (such as Vidyo, Bluejeans, full-time, interactive display, etc.), JusTalk Cloud video communication services more comprehensive, with billions of users of the network operators to connect users through the video, but also provide more intimate custom Deployment and development services; JusTalk Cloud is more in line with the online education industry than the socialization of well-known domestic and international video communications services (such as WeChat, QQ, Skype, Tango, etc.)

In addition to products built with patented technology, JusTalk Cloud provides services that enable online educational institutions to quickly access educational products and adapt to changes in market demand. Juphoon's video connectivity technology and cloud services can help developers in a variety of Internet + video connection needs to reduce the cost of development to the original 1/10 times the product line speed increased by 10 times. At the same time let online education institutions zero threshold access to carrier-level mobile audio and video call technology and international standard SDK protocol, to minimize learning costs and app docking time.

At the same time, JusTalk Cloud in the back-end provides a wealth of RESTful API communication function operation, communication record notification, data read and storage services. JusTalk Cloud's network management portal allows enterprise customers to see all the data of communication services, including the number of users, duration, record detailed list, quality reports, global distribution data, log feedback.

At present, JusTalk Cloud has a lot of success stories. Through the combination of excellent service and partner online education service, we can not only improve the quality of teaching communication, but also provide technical support service for courseware sharing and interaction. At the same time using JusTalk Cloud double and multi-person interactive teaching to get the favor of learners, such as English voice dubbing, foreigners chatting app rapid development, in just one month time there are more than 3,000 teachers stationed.

Figure: foreigners interesting chat screenshots

Based on the mobile network mobile audio and video communications cloud future prospects, the market size is expected to reach one trillion, of which 80% of the value of cloud communications will be video communications related services to achieve. Mobile audio and video communications cloud application market is broad, in addition to online education, in the telemedicine, mobile office, O2O services and other industries also has great potential. Juphoon has been in the field of audio and video communications for a decade, in the integration of communications, mobile medical and other fields has achieved good results, including the world's leading operators and 500 companies. JusTalk Cloud (justalkcoud.com) is not simply to do communication, but want to make communication become an industry characteristics, make it and our lives more inseparable, it has more possibilities.

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